Can you find all of the “Easter Eggs” in this page?

Alan muses about his transgressions while simultaneously pondering the shop. Suddenly…


P.S. I’m very happy to see all the new Patrons show up, but we are nowhere CLOSE to getting back to the second milestone and getting 4 updates of KND per month again, so if anyone else wants to contribute, there’s never been a better time! Also, I am working on trying to adhere to the incentive program. I personally have zilch for free time outside of my paying jobs (Wait, this isn’t one? no, I’m afraid not yet…) to actually work on art. That said, I will see about getting more stuff. Lastly, patrons heard it first that I have made progress on Issue #0 of “Frilly Pink”. The first “scene” has been sent to Maitre Neko to get cracking on. You may remember Maitre Neko from the first chapter (well, first 10-12 pages) of Kawaii Neko. He came back for a little while, but then was forced to leave again. He’s back now, and I hope we can make some good headway on the series. Keep in mind that Frilly Pink has NOTHING to do with our Patreon goals and has a special direct-donation widget on the site. It updates when we meet the $600/10 pages goal and “banks” until the pages are produced or we stop receiving money. When we have pages “banked”, it will update on Wednesdays until we run out of pages. The first mini-epiosde does not have much in the way of sex. It’s mostly nudity and ribald comedy. If you want the “good stuff”, then keep contributing, and eventually we will get to Frilly’s first real fight against “The Master Baiter”.

~Mace x2