Oh ho ho! Remember that little bit about presenting them in one shot? That was a lie. Well, it was TRUE when I said it, but I change my mind a lot. In a quasi-related note, I was TV Troped under the heading “Attention Defecit Creator Disorder”. I am here to tell you that I resemble that remark.

Anyway, ONWARD! Check the “Bonus” area for a new section called “June Donate” which now contains the first page of a little story I call “Dancing With the Stars”, now with 100% more coherent commentary! (as a challenge to the readers, try and spot the two amusing “inserts” without reading the author notes, and then see if you caught all of the references. XD) So, Mace, why did you post the page already? Well, I’ll tell you why, Sparky. It’s simple, really. I realized I can get more hits and passer-by readers if I update it in segments. Plus, I am impatient. so, enjoy?