Wassup mah bizznatches?! So, this is actually LAST week’s installment, but thanks to me going back to a rougher schedule at work for a while, things got a little hairy. Anyway, I think I am back on Track and Nat will be comin’ back at us with an update I *HOPE* I can post Saturday and get us back on schedule.

As it stands, Alan got (predictably) curb-stomped for his lechery, and rightly so. I wonder… will Ship give him a lesson on life on page 11? Hmmm. As if he hasn’t learned a valuable one already. Oh, ho, ho, ho!

Also, page 3 of the donation comic is live in the Bonus gallery, folks. Plus, we still have half the month left if you want a sneak preview of events AFTER “Project: Wacko” ahead of schedule in all their porny goodness in a little episode I like to call “Time to get Clean Dirty: Part 2!” Expect some girl x girl action and Alan watching the show, all for your viewing pleasure. Speaking of: the donation incentive image will be her over the weekend. So keep it comin’, folks!

Also, dangit… vote on TWC. We need to get our ranking up so we can find a bigger audience, folks. Vote every day, once a day! Please? ^^;