So, before anyone takes off in a huff over “no updates”, let me re-direct your attention to the “Bonus” story listed in the sidebar. I will be penning a update to the old “Hokum Pocus” storyline because so many of our Patrons contributed to get at least 7 of the 20 proposed pages made. We still have a long way to go, but while I am waiting for the funds transfers from Patreon, I’ll be posting those updates instead. Yes, I know, you want to see what’s about to happen to Lucia, given the setup-cliffhanger we left you on, but this side-story is very important, too. Especially since it leads into the story being told right now. So, be sure to check all that out via the links on the left sidebar, and hopefully, week-after-next we will resume the main story!


P.S. be sure to thank UncolaMan and at least one other donor for getting us this far. Maybe our KND friend Catboy Ric as well. I’m not sure who’s names I am authorized to use in this regard, just yet. I’ll update this as soon as I know.