As a sort of review, I wanted to let folks know what they personally can do to support us in our efforts. Obviously, the biggest help to Nat and I are the donations and incentives. but for those who are in the same boat we are (i.e. no money lol), you can still help. A lot. And you can accomplish this by voting daily at the two sites I have chosen to list our comic on. Both of them help us in unique ways. WebcomicZ is a full-featured listing site that has detailed statistics, a seemingly tight community atmosphere and the site owners and members do comic reviews. Meanwhile, Top Webcomics (TWC on the button) is a “clearinghouse” of comics. It’s one of the oldest and largest popularity based listing sites left. The benefits here are obvious: higher ranking = more traffic.

So, how can you help? Easy. In addition to voting both sites, what we REALLY need is for folks to sign up for an account at WebcomicZ and add Ship in a Bottle to their FAVORITES. I’m not precisely sure what formula is used to determine ranking there, but it is HEAVILY influenced by comics with many favorites. Look at Starship Moonhawk: idle for months, yet remains #35. I’m not bragging, mind you, but I am pointing out how my observational science works here. I figure if we can get Ship in a Bottle to 20 or more favorites, it’ll jump significantly in ranking. Which will result in more readers and hopefully more “Bonus” materials. So even if you have no ability to contribute financially, it’s ok. You can still help us significantly, regardless.

Thanks for your time, and happy hunting. 🙂