Oh, Alan. Looks like it’s going to be a long night… (Artist Oshigan, 100%!)

So, if it isn’t obvious to you yet… WE’RE BACK! How long and how far is, as always, up to our patrons! We’re also making new episodes of Peppermint Saga (with the art team of BlackWalker80 and Verias!) as well as two new pages of Frilly Pink (also with BlackWalker80 and Verias), and, if we are REALLY lucky… BGR will return with an all new book (10-12 more chapters!!!) starring the art of Maitre Neko!!!

Now, I have some commissions going, and feel free to check my DA page for deets on how you can hire me. Additionally, PATREON, PATREON, PATREON!

That is all, my lovelies!