Well, there you have it, folks. Some may ask why I chose to sub-divide this chapter. Well, the story was getting kinda unruly and quite lengthy. This just… felt like a good separation point. Plus, one more volume to put up on DriveThru. I have to make a new cover, probably a collage of art from the interior of the comic, because the combined elements of the original cover doesn’t work for what we have now. The original covers will be part of the Drivethru download bonuses, though. So you’ll get a little extra value as well as some explanations of plot changes from here on out. Spoiler Alert: the relationship between Alan and Ship is going to get vastly more complicated.

Additionally, Chapter 4.5 has a LOT of the “1.0” pages worked into it. However, I am working to make some not-subtle improvements to the art. I may tidy up some proportions, change some of the coloring, shading, etc. One major thing of note is that I repurposed and refocused Glance and Tea’s original Chapter 4 cover. You’ll see that next week at the regular time. The first 10-12 pages are Glance and Tea’s work, followed by a pretty significant orgy scene by Oshi. Then Chapter 5: “Goodbye Mrs. Robinson” will feature three pages and cover by Glance, and a return of Prettío’s art, bringing us full circle to Chapter 6: “The Enemy Without”, Book I’s final chapter.

Lastly, I’ve had a couple people ask me about “Hokum Pocus”, Chapter 3.5. Oshigan has been contracted to help me by doing pencils. I am doing inks, colors and lettering (I do lettering on ALL of the comics in this studio, by the way). If you jump on Patreon and contribute, you can see the previews of pages 3-9, as that is what is paid for. But you won’t get any more unless we get about $625 more dollars in DIRECT PAYPAL DONATIONS. This is NOT a Patreon thing. This is a “give Mace money, personally, get more bonus pages” thing. Kinda like BGR and Frilly Pink are for now. The Direct Donation system is a little more reliable because no commitment is made until I have cash. And I get it immediately, as opposed to the monthly crap shoot that is Patreon. Not saying I want anyone to migrate away from Patreon. Quite the opposite, really. But the signups for that have been non-existent these past 2 months, and frankly, I don’t want our existing 32 Patrons to carry all the burden. That’s not a workable model on an indefinite basis. You get “Patron Fatigue”, and that is only natural. But I want to bring back KND and update Peppermint Saga at the same time, and I am flat broke. Worse, I have a metric ton of debt. So, no freeloading on my part. Hire me to draw you some shit or hire ALL OF US to work for you (essentially) via those Direct Donation comics.

Thanks for sticking around for my TL;DR as usual! More excitement to come!


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