So, if it was unclear before, the reason for the sub-chapter is because the original chapter 4 was shorter, and the two stories became significantly less directly “linked” as they new script evolved. And boy was this a significant change! Originally, Glance misunderstood the directions and assumed that the wish Trixie made caused Shaytan to take “control” of her mind, when actually the OPPOSITE happened: she FREED Trixie from her inhibitions and gave her a massive knowledge dump (a la the “Teacher” from the episode “Spock’s Brain” of the original Star Trek), as well as giving her the wisdom to acquire her heart’s desire. Think you know exactly what that is? Heh heh. I guess you’ll have to wait until Chapter 5 is done to find out if you’re right. And as long as the Patreon is below $1000, that’ll be at least a year from now.

As for Chapter 5: I purchased this art a loooong time ago. Glance Reviver did the cover and the first 3 pages or so. Then, Prettio returned to the help, and I was supposed to color it. That lasted… a short time. So we brought in Mo, aka “Saint-Tail” as colorist. Originally, though, there were some uncolored pages first-run. That will be corrected. As well as correcting some out-of-date dialog. So there will be some noticeable changes, and you will see this as it develops. That said, you WILL get your money’s worth. And Oshi and I will continue with the 3.5 bonus. Ideally, I’d like to complete that BEFORE chapter 5 ends, as there is a piece of dialog at the beginning and end of this chapter referencing events in that subchapter. But, we need more “direct donations” via PayPal for that. We just got $10, but as you can see, even if we add that, we are shy about $487 of completing the episode. (the script DOES exist, though. If you want to see how Bear “convinces” Trixie to “forgive” Alan for chapter 2, better see the PayPal button on the right!)

Story: There’s a mystery lady causing Alan and Ship (together again!) to stare agape. Who is it, and what does she want? STAY TUNED! (Comic returns to Mondays)