I’m going to be transitioning to the L-5 Earth very soon, so wish me well. But seriously, folks… there will be some major changes around here behind-the-scenes, so it means that I am going to be scarce for a bit. I bet some of you noticed Nat’s enthusiasm in my stead, though, as she has whipped up a great poll and has even suggested she might run an omake during my personal “hiatus”. I never wanted to do that with this comic, but I kinda have no choice. I am going to be shuttling back and forth between Tucson and San Diego, so I would rather not attempt to do updates badly and instead leave Nat to her devices. I have full confidence that whatever she puts up to amuse you guys in the interim will be awesome.

However, do take note: the September donate is up, and I dare say this is one of my finest color jobs yet. Fitting since this is one of the hottest non-nude/non-sexual incentives Tira-chan has put forth on these pages. And that’s no small achievement to make me say that in light of her recent work. Anyway, my last day at my regular job is Saturday, so between now and the end of next week, I’ll have Page 16 of “Project: Wacko” posted and leave you with a small cliffhanger for a couple weeks, and Tira will amuse you with what she thinks of as sexy and funny. Not only do I have full confidence, I think you will all be pleasantly surprised. ;3