Oh my God! An update! Amid the chaos that my life is for the next few weeks, I also had the dilemma of how to play this page’s effects. Nat delivered a wonderful page, and I was sitting here for three weeks trying to figure out how to roll it out! (among other stress-inducing problems that weighed much more heavily than said decision, I assure you.) Anyway, I figured it out, and here’s the results!

Alan, you are such a girl. And I mean that in the way that is both stereotypical and insulting to girls, because they are far more manly than you. Seriously. We’re talking like… some 9-year-old with pigtails and Barbies is more Kamina than you. Please… grow a pair.

Anywho! I leave you in Tira-chan’s capable hands for the next two weeks. Given what she’s told me about the upcoming “intermission”, I think you will have a real hoot.