I know, I know. The constant excuses are annoying, but when it comes to this comic, it’s one of two things fairly consistently: feeling ill or moving. Of all my comics, there are two I handle with any element of seriousness these days: this one, and “The Lavenders”. This past weekend, it was either anxiety over family/personal matters or stomach upset. (of which I have had a LOT lately.) and we do not operate with any kind of buffer. What is put up each week was made THAT WEEK with no real effort put into maintaining a lead-time. So if anyone has a personal “disaster” (usually me), there’s no comics that week.

Anyway, if Nat was able to keep working behind-the-scenes while I was having trouble, then we’ll most-likely have a comic on Saturday. If not, then I don’t know when the next one will go up. It all depends on when I receive it since I work weekends, now.

Anywho, Ship is making her move!