Fuck this whole week to hell! And frankly, I am done with it. >.< CCBill is probably easy to set up, but I have no CLUE what I am doing. the Plugin I bought was WORTHLESS and ended up almost completely fucking the site up. (I pray I can get that $97 back...) Nothing works. Plus, PayPal is on another rampage. Now, they are apparently targeting ALL SITES that have nudity et al. Which means I can basically kiss donations goodbye on ALL of my webcomics, forever. You can thank Visa for that. they decided that all us "internet pr0nz" people are "high risk" and therefore require massive and insurmountable fees, unless you're a top 1000 website or some shit. $750 up front and $500 a year "maintenance" fee for the privilege of taking the most issued and most accepted card in the world. 'Small price to pay', you say? Well, less than 20% of our voting readership said they would sign up for such a thing, so maybe not so small after all, eh? So, pretty much all payment models require that I invest a bunch of money I don't have up front. As a result, I am reduced back to schilling out other people's wares and hoping I turn a buck so I can offer something to tira-chan, because if not, as of Episode 3, I am the artist until I can hire a webmaster to set things up properly. Which could take years, since I am unable to pay my own bills with this stuff, currently. (Hence my long disappearances as I went from dutifully employed, living in my own place, to voluntary unemployment while living with uncle, to living on my friend's living room floor.) And it's a vicious cycle I'm sure you heard a million times from webcomic artists: "I don't update because it doesn't pay, but I know it doesn't pay because I don't update! Boohoo!" *huff* Now the silver lining: No, I'm not quitting. I just needed to unload that and at the same time, let you all know what the hell is going on with me and where the damn comic is. Second... here's the damn comic! *laughs hard* and boy, I hope this fucking wait was worth it to you all, because Nat busted out some of the finest shit I've ever seen here! This is girl-on-girl as a girl would imagine it. (and I even forgave some script deviations because i liked it so much. ^^) but, I'm not trying to go all creepy on Nat saying that. I just really, really liked this page and what I saw of the next one. It really nails (heh) the scene. Additionally, I have not forgotten about what I owe y'all already. It's in the works between the Peppermint Saga revival and my Magnificent Milkmaid responsibilities. In the interim, feel free to click on and sign up for any of my fine affiliates on the left. It's basically the only revenue stream left to me, now. I'll probably be fucking the page up with more ad slots as time drags on, as well. But, the comic itself will remain free as long as I am able to make it. That's a promise I can keep. Until next update... ~Mace