And the payoff.

Some other important things to note: The members area is LIVE! So please click the “MEMBERS” link at the top to begin signup. Also, do not despair if the setup doesn’t take right away. There’s a minor bug in the implementation that seems to cause signups to occur a day late or something. Message me or e-mail me, and I’ll pester tech support until you get in.

Also, we got some amazing commitments from various artists to produce works for us, a couple samples of which are currently up in the gallery, but nothing quite “amazing” yet. However, for only being up a week, we have a pretty good amount of stuff already there. And we plan to TRY and update weekly. Among the artists committing works are as follows:

Prettio –
Jamie Jennings – (Also: Thorn Prince on Filthy Figments)
Sage – Fellow comic artist and Friend of the Site
Koneko – (amazingly good pinup artist; does great comics, too)
DarkZuri – (you saw her works before on my Peppermint Saga: BGR spinoff)
Verias – +

And we hope to have many more contribute as time goes on.