Starting in Episode 3, tra-chan will be “flat coloring” the pages to help me stay on the ball, considering I have taken on a lot of heavy lifting with the new paysite, as well as my Magnificent Milkmaid responsibilities and trying to get Peppermint Saga in all its various forms going again.

So, this tale of genies and debauchery keeps getting stranger and stranger, doesn’t it.

We have some wonderful new art in the Member area as you can see from the nifty new rotating thumbnail widget in the upper left. I figured I should keep everyone “abreast” of what they may be missing. *snickers*

Also, since it seems like nobody heard: down below in the secondary blog, there is talk of trying to get us Visa Verified. Maybe go check out the link and see if there is anything that can be done to help this. Sufficient donations can get you a year of access to… 😉