Hey all~!!

It’s tira again, your belated artist~ This week I played flat colors and text addition too! So yes, this page is all me. @_@

I apologize again for the lateness; last week was kinda crazy for me.  Too much stuff in too little time…

We’re less than a month away from chapter 3… *dundundun* And I don’t know much more about it than you do yet. (Well, maybe a little bit, but I’m not spilling the beans)

We’re still looking for more members~ and trying to boost ourselves up to Visa status. It’s slow-going, but we’re getting there! And speaking of the Members section, we have a lovely *new* pin-up of Beatrice just added, by the awesome Koneko!

It’s very cute and sexy, and I approve of it fully. x3

Mace should be (maybe) adding the full colors/shading when he gets back, but until then, please enjoy my flat colors.

Til next time~!