I bet you were wondering why the original bonus comic, “Dancing With the Stars” seemed to end so abruptly. Sure you were. Don’t try to deny it! Well, you were right. It DID end suddenly with the pop shot, and here’s why: the events in that little side-story will be referenced in the opening of Chapter 3: “Hokum Pocus”! And so we couldn’t upload that page while “Project: Wacko” was still running. Some may be wondering: just how significantly do the “Bonus” comics affect the overall story? Normally, not very. They are considered “canonical”, but usually have no impact on the main series as a whole. They’re… throwaway jokes I felt would disrupt the flow of the R-rated story with their porny goodness. So we make them into bonus shorts. But this one, and the next one, (which I should totally add is also being done by the incomparable Prettio, who did this page) WILL be somewhat plot relevant. Sorta. lol

So, enjoy, and be looking for the next one in about 20 days or so when we upload the first half. Since this one is already owed to you, the loving fans, it will be available in lo rez to the free readers, and in stunningly sharp hi rez for our members. So everyone gets a piece. Also, in the next 7 days, I will be posting the 2-page “Chicken in a Basket” gag in the Members section only. That is our March Bonus. I know, I know. Apologies for the bonuses no longer being free. But I will be shelling out big bucks to keep the paysite open, so please contact me if you have Visa and want to get in on the action. We can… work things out. šŸ˜‰

So check out the Bonus area at the top of the page and see the final installment of “Dancing With the Stars” and see what Alan and Ship are up to going into Chapter 3: “Hokum Pocus”!