That’s right, mah chickadees. NEW CHARACTER TEIM. Ohhh, man… and she’s a fiery ginger *bites knuckle* oh, snap!

The LONG awaited third chapter in the Ship in a Bottle series is finally upon us, and boy do we have some surprises for YOU, my friends. Not ONLY does this chapter introduce a character, but it drops several bombs on everyone right away. Also, be watching for a brief tie-in to the bonus comic that was finally posted at long last. Oh, also… did I mention? 2x a week, mah bizznatches. Well, Nat’s schedule permitting, of course. She recently got a new job, so that is occupying a lot of her formerly “free” time. So we’ll be experimenting with it. If all goes well, we’re looking at Wednesday/Saturday updates. I am laying out the pages and doing colors and lettering as always. Nat’s doing what she does best: making our boys and girls look awesome.

Yes, I drew this cover as I always do, and YES, new girl *IS* wearing a Continental Army jacket and boots, and very little else. Also: yes. She *IS* dancing an Irish jig. There are many more surprises to come!