Apologies, as always, for my recent slacking. It’s unintentional. I am way out of my element, building a new relationship with someone very special, and adjusting to a new timezone. It’s all quite surreal, really. Also, I am in need of commissions. Actually, both Nat and I could really use some help in that. Ever since the Visa debacle and the inability to use PayPal arose, our ability to use this site in lieu of regular day jobs became non-existant. So if any of you can, know that I am offering a special through deviantArt INDEFINITELY where each month, I am offering 10 commission slots for $10 each. (additional characters $2 each) There are some rules for this special price, but know that if you DO want something more interesting, I have slightly higher rates where you have more direct control over the content on the image. You can find the details on my forums. Otherwise, head over to Nat’s or my pages on DeviantArt and see what promotions we are currently offering. You won’t be disappointed.

Secondly, is obviously the comic itself. I have two updates that are as done as Nat can make them. I just have had zero time to work on them, and for that, I am sorry. I want this to update. On the upshot, you do now have access to the last two pages of the bonus you all earned this past December. I spent every dime I made on this deal buying these pieces, and then some. And I consider it well worth it to please you, my friends. Granted, we still make this comic for our own enjoyment, overall, but being able to give something back to our loyal readers is always a special treat, and a huge bonus. Thanks for sticking with us, and new pages soon. (I’m serious, Nat! lol)