Which means the reports of my demise were premature. What we DO have is some great new stuff in the Members area, such as The Genie Handbook Pg. 4 and a great new pinup by Sage, this time, featuring Ship and some very loving goo. Oh boy!

In other news, I am putting the PayPal donation thingee back up on a TRIAL basis. Here’s what I CAN’T do: I cannot give you “free” anything for your donations. I cannot offer monthly pinups for your generosity. I cannot give out memberships to the members area if you donate X dollars. But, what I can do is this: I can promise extra free content if we get, say, $100 to $150 a month. This will be for everyone, and you can donate as much or as little as you want. But the hard reality is that if I include myself, there’s three of us to take care of now, and the paysite doesn’t do it on it’s own. We raked in a whopping $60 last month. Now, what we are NOT doing is getting rid of the paysite. That is a separate thing, and financing it will resume as soon as I get a new job next month and pay off a few things. The content there is an exclusive for those who are able to use the currently accepted methods, and will continue as long as I am able to make it work. We will still feature the Genie Handbook, pinups from Sage, Tira-chan, myself and now Tessa. There’s even a small bonus comic in the works.

That said, I am working my ass off to get the scratch together to get us set up for CC Bill in the European Union. Once that is done, I will be able to offer the Members area to one and all because it will accept Visa.