I’m sure all of you are wondering where your beloved genie romp comic has gone off to. I’d certainly like to get it back to you as I enjoy seeing it and working on it as much as you like reading it and occasionally “enjoying” it. XD

When I was a kid, I was diagnosed with ADHD. Around the time I turned 30 (about 4 years ago), I was alerted to another possibility: Asperger Syndrome. Based on my symptoms and behavior, it is very likely that I have this condition though never formally diagnosed. The ticks, the repeating of certain words and sounds, the obsessive behavior over specific subjects to the exclusion of all else, rigid adherence to a status quo and an unwavering obsession with rules and regulations. The pieces are all there. The biggest problem right now is an inability to handle change excessively well. I have uprooted my life. Moved to a new state. I am living with my girlfriend, buying new things to adorn our mutual space and of course, facing the daunting task of starting a new job, whatever it may end up being. To say that I am dealing with change now is the grossest of understatements.

What you may NOT be aware of is exactly how much of a strain this is on me, or just how much harder it is for me to deal with these things than the average person or just how much anxiety I am currently masking in order to “put on a good face”. It’s significant; massive even. And as such, my work on much more enjoyable projects like comics, my novels, my show… these things may all suffer as a result. What I wanted to convey to you all here is that I take Ship in a Bottle, and all of its quicks and insanity, very seriously. I also wanted to reassure everyone that I have not forsaken them. I just have a bit more on my plate than I can juggle. I’ve taken on commissions to assuage some of my piling mountain of debt I am now in. I’ve also been working very hard on finding sponsors for my podcast. All the while, I am traipsing all over hill and dale trying to get regular employment again. This, after a year of self-imposed unemployment (which looks really, REALLY bad on a resume, I might add).

I am not playing for sympathy. I just wanted everyone, staff and readers included, to know what I am up against right now. Having a crippling social disorder like I have makes it even more challenging. So I sincerely apologize for the constant slips in the SinaB schedule. I’d love to be able to farm things out like I had them before and enjoy the fruits of the combined labors of a complete team. But since the money isn’t there for them, it’s currently an unreasonable dream.

Bottom line: we’re hitting another “slow” period where updates are irregular and often unannounced. But please don’t give up on us yet. I’m just riding the bumps on this road a little bit longer, and then maybe I can find some “normalcy”. At least as much as someone like me can find.

Thanks for your patience and understanding.