So, for those of you wondering what happened to the bonus area, here’s the deal: the Member area is by no means dead. But it *IS* being expanded significantly. First of all, I have contacted a couple artists I have worked with in the past, and they have agreed to work with us a little on this, but basically, three to four new series or pinup artists with at least 5-20 pages a month of updated content. So, in addition to your Ship in a Bottle needs, I will also be adding Peppermint Saga bonus material, Glance will be adding, some kind of Love x Core related stuff, plus a brand new series by Prettio (who did the art for “Time to Get Clean/Dirty 2), a “mystery guest star” and another brand new series by me called “Fairchylde”. The estimated price will be $9.95 per month, and we will be switching to Verotel as our merchant processor instead of CCBill. In the meantime, I still have one or two SinaB related items to conclude, so the existing site is NOT going away. It will continue at the same price until we get the new site finalized. We will also be posting a poll to gauge interest in the new site at the new price. But the basic idea is that we want to get Visa certified, hence the processor shift. So, stay tuned!