Back in the day, I used to post “Blog Tuesday” at Peppermint Saga in order to increase my average number of weekly updates by +1. This was ostensibly an excuse to get people to keep coming back to the site more than just once a week. Now, that doesn’t mean some folks won’t come here daily, regardless. It’s just an added incentive if you are amused by the warped musings of my addled mind. And brother, let me tell you, today is no different. I’ve been working on a new commission lately. Someone decided that my comicking skills were sufficient that they would actually clank down money to have me draw some shit. I was both befuddled and pleased as this means my girlfriend and I will be able to keep ourselves supplied with dollar cans of soup and Cheese Whiz. Also, I drink enough tea to trump the Boston Tea Party. But I digress. Anyway, this new commission is an interesting piece, and all I can really tell you is that it will eventually be available at my fur Affinity account because it’s just a wee bit too different to go up in my dA gallery. Sufficient to say, the guy who drew The Magnificent Milkmaid during the end of it’s (apparently) final episode(?) will never shy away from adversity and I SHALL persevere!

That is all for tonight.