Some of you may be voting blind since I have been a little bit vague about what you would be getting for $9.95 a month, so I wanted to clarify in case some of y’all wanted to change your votes or, who knows. You could be one on the fence. Here’s the skinny:

-New comics (1-5 pages per month each) from:
*Prettio, Tea_Green, “Mace Paladino”, Dark Zuri, Sage, and a couple others as yet undetermined.
-Additional bonuses and pinups for Ship in a Bottle
-Additional bonuses and pinups for Peppermint Saga
-Original pinups from each of our selected artists and maybe some guests I commission as I see fit
-And more!

So, you would not be just getting a whole lot more of the same as you got for $4.95, you would get that, plus a whole lot more!

I hope that changes a mind or two. ;3