Just a quick heads-up: I am deleting the old paysite and moving all content (except Sage’s) to this site here. Those that paid in advance for a year, know that I am working on a special 3-page bonus comic that will help make up for this early cancelation. However, for everyone else, please cancel your ongoing subscriptions with CCBill at your earliest convenience. When I am sure all of the recurring accounts are gone, I will take down the current content there.

Why am I doing this? Well, when we are finally able to make a real paysite (no money right now…), it will be easier to have the few people currently subscribed simply start a new account. Plus, I think it would be best if we started with some new content. The stuff that is currently there is kinda stale and has been for a while. Plus, and this is the big one: I will be changing merchant processors to Verotel so we can actually take Visa cards without the hassle of setting up a dummy corporation in the UK. I know, that’s some serious bullshit, right?

So drop us a message on this posting when your account has been terminated, and I’ll get to taking down the site when that is done, but not before.

Thanks for your help, and when we are able to properly set things up, I’ll let everyone know!