How long indeed. It feels like forever and a day since I’ve written anything. So here I am on the first day of Kwanzaa, giving you the wonderful gift of my innermost thoughts. Unfortunately, those very same thoughts have gone on vacation so you get some delicious ramblings instead.


The husbando gave me Tekken Hybrid for pre-Kwanzaa AKA Christmas. That means I got the new Tekken movie, Tekken Tag HD, and a Tekken Tag demo with two fucked up demons, a schoolgirl, and a moe robot. Once I got my fight stick working, it was only a matter of time before I wasted ALL the free time I had. Then I had to return to my drawing hole and continue to draw tentacle porn. All I have to say is that Tekken’s story doesn’t make a lick of sense anymore. Also, I own a doll of Kazuya Mishima. Make of that what you will.


P.S. For a ramble, this sounded awfully coherent, eh?


He has a working tie and socks! Oh snap, Tekken doll is best doll!

Behold...this thing!