I’ve added banners from a service that owes me money, but I haven’t earned a payout from, yet. I keep taking them down because certain portions of their service APPEARED to be susceptible to adware. But after some careful looking, I’ve discovered that, on occasion, folks have their AdWare/MalWare protection set too aggressively, and simple Javascript in an ad banner can trigger a threat warning. In this case, I decided NOT to turn on keywords or interstitial (those ads that appear, then fade into the actual site) ads. All I have up is a simple banner that is no more or less harmful than the Black Label banner at the bottom of the page. However, please notify me if the site regularly triggers your own software. I regularly test it with Avast!, AVG and Norton, but I don’t see every ad every time (they’re random). I don’t want to inadvertently be bumped off some valuable listing site because of a few pennies in ad revenue per month. Let me try and fix the problem before anyone gets upset.