Figures, right? Just when I had given up all hope, AlertPay finally comes through and offers donation buttons. SO! What does that mean?

It means, the old process of donations and gifts have returned! Donate $3 (we now have a bigger family to split the moneys with!) and get our monthly donation image (which I must now magically conjure up. XD) But, in addition to that, get us to $250 by the end of February (and this will be a monthly thing, as before), and I will add a NEW bonus comic to the GALLERY section posthaste! BUT, there’s an ADDED BONUS for donators: donate $5 or MORE and gain LIFETIME ACCESS to our special MEMBERS AREA! The Members Area contains great stuff like exclusive artwork and (eventually) behind-the-scenes stuff not available anywhere else. Plus, I am thinking about uploading higher resolution versions of all the bonuses much the way they were when I had the paysite, so to recap:

$3 – Monthly bonus pinup
$5 – Lifetime membership to our “Members Area”
$250 (recurring monthly goal) – bonus comic stories with EXTRA porny awesomeness!

As a final note: AlertPay works EXACTLY like PayPal, except they allow for “high risk” sites like ours provided we behave ourselves and not raise a fuss. So let’s have some fun, just like the good old days, eh? Hope we can make the goal for February. I’m getting excited about March just thinking about it. ^^