Just throwing this out there, but I need to come up with $35 by Feb. 2, or I’m going to be late with the payment on my business loan. My usual check for Affiliate earnings hasn’t come up yet, and normally it’s in by now. Since the paysite won’t work just yet, I need a little help this month to get by, seeing as how Glance and I are still, shall we say, unemployed. Now, I am not simply asking you to cough up some dough out of the goodness of your hearts (although, we’d never reject that. ^^), but suffice to say, I am willing to work for it. Hire me to make a comic page, or draw you some pronny goodness! I am also still offering the $10 commissions that I started at DA, so feel free to take advantage of my weakness. šŸ˜‰

Any help is appreciated. (and you’ll get access to the Members area if you don’t already have it. ;)) My legit Donate button is on my other comic, Starship Moonhawk, or you may e-mail me at inquiries@pepsaga.com for my PayPal info if you wish to hire me directly. And, if you’d like to hire Glance or Tea, I think they still have their shingles out, too. (but keep in mind, that’s THEIR money, not mine. ^^; )