And thus, brings the old donation chapter to a close. All material owed is finally published! Drop by the Gallery page and take a look! I colored pages 2 myself so I could get it done before Glance and I head off to Kami-con this weekend. I have commissions and shows to do this week, so it is unlikely I’d have any time to complete this for a while if I didn’t do it today. Saturday’s main page is a huge, nakey splash page of our villainess. Tea has the keys to the shop, so hopefully, she will be able to upload it for y’all. 😉

Ok, so, future bonus comics like this will be in the “Members” area, and you might want to act fast. The “Lifetime Membership” thing is for a limited time only. Once I change it, it’s a MONTHLY thing where you gotta pay at least $3. So act fast. (I’ll be uploading a bunch of pinups and stuff quite soon, so be watching, those of you already on the “inside” ;))