Ok, so I guess Tea was having some problems with her computer. I have also been incommunicado, but that is because Glance and I have been in the process of moving for weeks and weeks now. Tea had this awesome plan for a month long filler, then it kersploded! So, here we are. Glance and I are now safe and sound in Tucson, but don’t expect a return to the regular story just yet. We’re still preparing for a trip BACK to Dallas on Wednesday to take on A-Kon. As an interesting set of notes, we will be meeting up with Tea and her hubby there, as well as meeting with several key players in the Filthy Figments circles and I will finally meet Kris Overstreet, my on-again-off-again employer at White Lightning. So there’s a metric fuckton of stuff happening. hopefully, tea will be able to keep your butts in the seats a little longer with her hilariously awesome little fillers, and I dearly hope she is able to recover the desire to finish the original filler “Maid Service”, because it sounded hi-lar-ious.

anywho, I gotta go crash now. We have a place, but nothing is set up. So, whee!