Couple important updates to our status around here. First of all, Glance and I are gearing up to start Chapter 5: “Goodbye Mrs. Robinson” on Monday with the new issue cover. As for our “absence”, well, it’s been a bit nuts. A while back, I told everyone that Tea would be posting up some juicy filler in our absence. A number of technological failures prevented a steady stream of updates. After A-Kon in Dallas, Tea disappeared on us abruptly, and we all began to worry. She has some health concerns that are not life threatening as long as she monitors things such as her diet, medication and stress levels. Last night, I asked Glance to try one more time to get ahold of her, and it turns out that she had some kind of emergency surgery. I don’t have all the details, but the good news is, she’s out of any immediate danger and is home resting. The bad news is that we are sans colorist for an indeterminate period of time while she convalesces. Which is a “minor complication” because I am working almost full time for Darkbrain, and Glance has a ton of comic work of her own stacking up. In addition to that, while I was stressing about our move, A-Kon and later Tea’s absence, I had sorta let our script backlog lapse. So I had to stop everything ELSE I was doing and write Episode 5.

For this coming update, Glance will take over coloring duties. But subsequent updates are still a touch “in the air”. I may end up doing some, or I may have to temporarily contract out. However, I need to go on record right now and say that the “contract out” option is looking EXTREMELY bleak. We are currently unemployed and living entirely on what we scrape together from our fans and clients online, which is a whole lotta “not much” right now. It’s growing, but far too slowly for our immediate needs. So in addition to wishing Tea well and praying for her speedy recovery, you may wish to strongly consider donating a few dollars to our Chip-in event that is still ongoing until July 21. I figure I’ll need to acquire another $30 to $60 per WEEK in order to hire an artist of sufficient talent to step into Tea’s shoes. Now, I do want to point out that I am also offering bonus incentives as well as access to the Members area (on a lifetime basis) to anyone who donates $5 or more. So please consider helping us out if you have the spare coin. In addition to supporting the fun smut you’ve all come to enjoy, you’ll get some great bonuses to be devised by all of the various artists who have come into contact with Ship in a Bottle in the past, as long as I can afford it.

Thanks for your time.