Boy, nothing motivates me more than coming to the site and seeing people bitch about the lack of updates! 😀 But seriously, not for nothing, I’ve just had… other priorities. Glance and I moved… twice. Once cross-country and a second time across town. Both moves were a huge pain for different reasons. Then there is the money crunch. I just can’t work when I am fixating on how I am going to keep paying my bills, even with a full-time job. Might have to get a second one at that, and you know what THAT means for my already dwindling free time.

But despair not! I am still actively working on this and Peppermint Saga behind-the-scenes. I just do not yet have anything that is in any state to show. Plus, until Glance’s schedule clears up enough to actually work on “Goodbye Mrs. Robinson”, I may remove that story from the site and begin a “filler” episode. Or, I may do something else entirely. I haven’t worked all of that out yet. But rest assured, we’re not gone forever. Just stalled a little for the time being.

As always, I’ll keep everyone posted when there is information to share. Until next time…

…peace out!