And, just like that, Alan’s (careless) wish topples the enemies’ plan. Or, does it…? Regardless, Bear is in for a world of hurt.

Also, sorry for the tardiness. Prettío has been pretty spot on with delivery of late, but I have been napping at the controls. Last night, I passed out around 8:30 my time, woke up for a bit, then passed out again at 12:30AM.

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Speaking of forever… any of you guys interested in purchasing a full resolution PDF of Ship in a Bottle as your uh, *cough* New Year’s “resolution” this year (yep, that marketing line was hard even for me to write. I can only imagine how it is for you to read XD)? Well, look no further! Episode 1: “Dreaming of Genie” is now available in high resolution PDF via DriveThru Comics! CLICK HERE! In it, you will find the story as presented here on site, but with corrected spelling (And grammar if I caught it) and full resoultion versions of Prettío’s magnificent pinups that launched a thousand hits! If this is successful, combined with the Patreon and ad revenue earned around the site, not only can we give you MORE Ship in a Bottle goodness, I can finally give Prettío the raise she so richly deserves for saving our asses week after week. So please consider getting your copy today. (Patrons will still receive individual pages and story segments at higher resolution as they come out, so you don’t have to support us both ways unless you really, really want to)