Ok, so I put up a new poll. Many of you know that I do the hardcore hentai series, “Peppermint Saga”, and a spinoff involving myself and several artist friends working in cahoots called “Blue-Gray Rhapsody”. I am also currently working with the fetish comic company “White Lightning Productions” on a temporary-to-permanent basis, depending on my output and qualitative ability (in the eyes of the editor). This is still under review, and therefore I can’t get TOO specific about it. But anyone who knows WLP and the Milkmaid franchise, as well as Peter is the Wolf, probably has a pretty damn good idea what I am after there. However, not to get TOO far off track, what I am offering is this: *CURRENTLY*, Tira-chan does not have the time to produce more than the page-a-week we currently do. So I am *NOT* offering her services on this. I am offering -mine-. As a dyed-in-the-wool hentai artist, I have the experience and comic-making skill to offer you this extra as often as MONTHLY if we are able to meet certain goals. In addition to that, you will STILL receive the donation gift of your choice, whether we hit the ceiling I’ve chosen or not. So there is no way for you to lose on this. You donate $1, and hope for the best. You donate $2 or more, you get the monthly picture of your choice from our selection, -and- you increase the likelihood that I will produce a BONUS story above and beyond what we have going on canonically speaking. Would that be worth it to you? The poll is open, and standing by. Please answer earnestly. (comments and suggestions also welcome.)

Remember: this is for bonus material, -not- the main comic. Treat this blog entry as my contract with you, the readers, that it will never be mandatory to -ever- pay for this comic (unless in print). We’re just trying to offer new stuff, more and exclusive content for our readers, and make the best of these troubling times.

Thanks! 🙂