So, just a quick update: the comment contest is being temporarily postponed. Since we picked an alternate, and then the winner showed up, we already have two selections. So be sure to vote at TOP WEBCOMICS (the voting icons are at the bottom of the whole page) to see the latest incentive! (as soon as I post it, as of this update >.>) Then next month, be prepared to have your mind BLOWN as Alan once again gets gender-bent to being a hawt chick when one of his wishes goes awry! It’s happened before, it’ll happen again. XD

The Indiegogo has reached 115%!!! But it’s not over. Rather than offering traditional stretch goals as many crowdfunders do, I am keeping it open indefinitely to help pay back some of the debt I shouldered in order to bring you FOUR new chapters of Peppermint Saga: Blue-Gray Rhapsody. That was a rather hefty $2000 expense, and someday I need to pay it back. So, if you want to chip in there, not only are most, if not ALL of the prizes still available, you can ALSO use PayPal, which Patreon does not allow for our kind of work. So if you find yourself without a bank account or credit card, fear not! You can still support us over there with PayPal! (I can’t take direct donations. I won’t get into the reasons).

Lastly, this pains me to say, but I need to make an extra $100/month for ME PERSONALLY. This money is not to go toward funding this project. However, I am not asking for handouts. What I AM doing is hanging out the commission shingle. 2-3 slots maximum per month, and you can message me for details and prices based on what you want done. I DO NOT DO COMIC PAGES, THOUGH. Just putting that out there. Also, fair warning, I am fucking SLOW. But, I am hoping with practice and a sense of urgency, I’ll be able to do right by everyone. the e-mail for inquiries about commissions is, inquiries ATT pepsaga DoTT Com. You all know the drill. 😉