As I said int he Comic Blog, I’m part of the art team again, meaning there was a necessary shakeup in how things get done. To keep things moving, I am updating all of the Pink Panties Productions comics wherever I can, but this may cause things to be erratic for a while as I find my “groove”. Ship in a Bottle looks to be in good shape, though. I actually find myself looking forward to coloring it each week, and these past two updates have bolstered my confidence in my ability to execute the colors to a good standard. That said, I may call upon Verias every now and again to help with magical effects that I have no mastery of. when it comes to “glowies”, he is beyond compare. I have one more page of Frilly Pink in the pipeline and will get that out to you soon. But the crippling lack of cash (the Patreon covers some, but not all of our expenses around here) messed us up a bit. I’m hoping to correct all of that very soon. Also, commissions are open. I have some specials going on through American Thanksgiving, so please feel free to visit my DeviantArt page to get in touch with me about that. (link is in “Places of Interest” on the left)