Hey guys! Long time, no see! I’ll make this brief. I want to make more content, complete the current storyline of Ship in a Bottle, work on Peppermint Saga and KND as our “future”, and we now have a “Lore Comic” available on Patreon. I’m going to be focusing on Patreon as our primary revenue stream going forward. If you really, really want to see how this goes, please consider joining. It sucks, but I can’t make these comics alone or without capital. The good news is, I am making new things for everyone, thus making a trip to the Patreon more worthwhile. If we can get it into the $600-$1200 range, I can take more time off from my “day job” and devote more time to making content. In addition to Patreon, we are streaming on Twitch (“Up Late with Mace (Redux)”) and on TikTok with original content. I’m not going to post additional links here. There’s huge banners for most things right on the site. So please check it out when you get a chance and I hope to see you before too much longer with updates!