Pink Panties Paradise – Offficial Lore Comic of Pink Panties Productions (

so, I could definitely use everyone’s help in dropping by here and bringing up the site’s visibility in the hopes that folks will toddle over to our Patreon and get an advance look at new comics! Our “Lore Comic” (“Pink Panties Paradise”) is a fictional account of the behind-the-scenes antics of my various avatars on “Up Late with Mace (Redux)” over on Twitch ( as well as a more in-depth look at the characters I “play” on the stream and use for memes and other funny “skits” on TikTok.

I originally envisioned this as an opportunity to bring folks to our Patreon and trickle some of that revenue into restarting our comics “Ship in a Bottle”, “Peppermint Saga”, “BGR”, “KND”, and “Frilly Pink”, all of which have prospective artists lined up to work with me on their continuation. Oshigan is drawing PPP with me on inks, but I also intend to have him come back to KND. Then we have “Butter” (final name pending) for “Ship in a Bottle”, BlackWalker80 for “Peppermint Saga” (and “The Lavenders” animation project), MasterKrakken for “Frilly Pink”, and an assortment of guest artists and friends for more BGR antics.

All-in-all, the 2024 schedule is looking good, and I am largely putting my animation projects in slowmode until we can get all these things running, slot some commissions, and stream on-time. A tall order, to be sure. But with attainable goals, we substantially increase the chance of winning this thing.