So, as you can see, I’ve been redecorating a little. Some of it is quite tacky, but apologies aside, it is a necessary evil. Here’s the deal so you know who gets what:

Affiliate banners/buttons and ads pay for my expense of having this place hosted. I was STUCK having to use Black Label Ads instead of their squeaky clean AdBrite ads due to the gray area this comic falls into. Honestly? I’d prefer to have ads for finding restaurants and free MMORPG’s here than “porn”, but alas, I contacted tech support, and this was not to be. So I buried it at the bottom so you don’t have to see the leaderboard if you don’t want to. There are inline ads (keywords highlighted in green). This CAN and probably ARE “adult” in nature, so same deal applies. This trickles in pennies at a time, so again, “cost of doing business”.

Project Wonderful – I can’t actually advertise this site using the Project Wonderful system. But that doesn’t mean I can’t offer affordable advertising to cleaner sites. Just because people read sketchy comics doesn’t mean they always have thier mind in the gutter, right? Since I will not be running campaigns or using the ad money for anything other than “upkeep”, that’s a split between the author and artist here. So I would not object to a bidding war if you yourself have a comic or product you’d like to pimp. So much the better. 🙂

PayPal + Donations – this is where I am going to do a little salesmanship. Donating even a token amount like 50 cents or a dollar goes a long way towards keeping us in the black, and you in the “pink” if you catch my drift. Eh? EH?! See what I did there? So please consider dropping a few shekels in our basket. Or, if you prefer, we have some lovely high resolution images and (coming soon) wallpapers for you to get some value add, as opposed to giving something for nothing… well, besides this nifty comic, but I promise I won’t start that fight here. All donations and image purchases are split 50/50. So again, this is really where you help both of us out. It’s not mandatory. It never is. But your generosity will not go unrewarded.

As long as I am on the subject, I think tira-chan is still open for the occasional commission. See that link on the right side that says “tira-chan’s DeviantArt gallery”? Stop by there and show her some love and maybe buy a pinup or a print. It would make her very happy and motivate her even more to keep going with this, her first ever webcomic.

Ok, enough shameless promotion. New comic Thursday. I may have some more relevant blogging to do as the week progresses, especially if I get Peppermint Saga going again. Also, special thanks to our semi-longtime affiliate, Ebenezer Splooge of PronQuest for linking us. If you’re joining us from there, rest assured, things will be moving along very quickly once we hit page 5, so stay tuned!