So, here’s the deal. We have a new member area. If you want in, go to my LEGIT webcomic, Starship Moonhawk, and donate $5. I will then give you instructions on what to do. Currently, we have all of Sage’s generous work up in there (we can only provide it in a private, members only area. That’s our agreement), and I will be adding new stuff periodically. But there will be no membership fees or recurring dues or adult themed gifts. You are free to give us more money, but it will simply go to bills and other studio expenses. So, for 5 bucks, you get lifetime membership. I really do not think there is a better deal in the comic business. Why am I doing this? Because I believe in something for something. But what I do NOT believe in is recurring billing for something that infrequently updates. So, you help us, we give you something you can keep enjoying as long as you choose.

Thanks! (copy and paste this URL for security reasons)