I was perusing my inbox at deviantART, and I noticed that Prettio had to put the shingle out for commissions (all the while working with us over here at SinaB) because her old PC has seen better days. Here’s the article on dA:


Now, in addition to giving her some Summer themed work, you can also help the cause here by helping us get to our donation goals. Half of everything we take in goes to her since she will be putting in the time and effort to get you some top-grade “skiffy”, if y’all feel me here. If we meet or exceed the top end goal, she will get at least $125 closer to her goal of 400 Euros (which is about $525USD give or take). As always, there’s no obligation, but you get some very sexy bonuses that everyone can enjoy such as toys like an automatic male masturbator to enjoy in this area, no matter how much or little you contribute (assuming we hit at least $50. XD) Under the circumstances, I’d strongly consider asking me where the outlets are to contribute. They’re off-site to keep us out of trouble and in compliance with you-know-who.

Thanks for your time, and new comic coming soon (Friday!) ^^