Ok, so, I wanted to thank all the fans who purchased our downloadable books this month from DriveThru Comics. 64 total downloads! I think we can do even better next month, and there are some incentives. First of all, someone kicked us up to $396 on Patreon. I’ve decided I will kick in the extra $4 myself. Granted, this means not a penny for me, but it’s worth it if I can generate sales like this as well as keep our advertising revenue up via Project Wonderful (you can also add to our bottom line by purchasing subscriptions, recurring or otherwise, via the links to the left), then eventually, I can make this comic (and the others) my full-time living.

Speaking of the “other” comics, if you haven’t seen it yet, I highly recommend you pick up the first episode of the original Peppermint Saga. Fallon, our new colorist, redid the colors for the first 10 pages (which were originally done in quasi-black-and-white), and they now look A-mazing. Also, until Feb. 24, it’s only $1. Additionally, we want to fund THREE new BGR episodes ASAP. The rub? It will cost THREE THOUSAND DOLLARS to pull off. “Why, Mace? Why the huge price hike?” Well, because each of these episodes is scheduled to be around 15-20 pages. Which means that, on average, they are TWICE as long as typical episodes. If that’s not exciting enough for you, lemmie share an additional factoid with you: Book II, Eps. 1 is slated to be drawn by XKit, our new, main series artist. HOWEVER, we already have TWO new episodes planned to be drawn by Weremole. The newest idea to come up has Peppermint and Truth facing off against a fellow “treasure hunter” (i.e. master thief), and when our guest star gets caught, they take her for a little “humiliation walk” to loosen up her lips (and her libido). As always with BGR, it’s all consensual fun and games until someone loses an eye, so be sure to pick up a copy of all of our books (especially while they are on sale) over at DriveThru to help us bring these new adventures to life.

Anyway, back to the first point about Patreon: the 2x per week thing won’t happen until MARCH this time. I need some time to catch up with BGR with Prettío, at least get a few more pages under our belt. Plus, all the communication SNAFU’s I think it best to ease off the throttle a little. But keep the donation levels up as high as you can, and maybe we can finish “Project: Wacko” and start “Hot For Teacher” BEFORE the end of Spring. Until then…