Hey, just a reminder: in order to track the purpose of each donation as it is intended (general “we love you donations” vs expectation of gift donations), I have coded each one with a specific phrase in their PayPal button so I can route the right one to you. If you were hoping (or expecting for that matter) to get one of our donation gifts (or a few), please be sure to specify by clicking on the icon below the pic. After this advisory, I will consider “keep the magic alive” donations from the button a general “thank you” and move on. Also: if you wanted a specific gift wallpaper/image and have not received it within 30 days, it may mean I didn’t get the e-mail (for some unknown reason) and you can message me here, or e-mail me at inquiries “att” pepsaga.com so we can get this all straightened out. (you know what to do to correctly send me the message. Damn spam robots are everywhere! XD)

Thanks again for your contributions. It helps me and tira out very much and can be a very strong motivator to keep us on track.