Whoops! Sorry for the delays. But, we’re here! And it’s before mid-week. Glance and I have been on a strange sleep cycle, so it’s been messing with our mojo. In other news, I got ahold of Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City, and I have to say, my feelings are mixed on the matter. It’s a respectable game and has several fun elements, but from what I have seen, Slant 6’s SOCOM-based or SOCOM-inspired games (i.e. games that use the SOCOM engine) have been… less than stellar. It’s pretty obvious that this isn’t a mainline Resident Evil game, and it shows left and right. And yet… they added a lot of touches that made Glance say: “Y’know, I wanna play Resident Evil 2 again!” So, maybe it’s not ALL bad. lol

We’re playing Resident Evil 4 today to bring me up to speed.

Now, as for the COMIC… well, looks like Trixie is making her first major move… on Karen! What will happen next? Stay tuned!