Hey guys,

I wanted to give everyone an update on the situation and explain the recent dead period from my perspective as the artist.

I started working on Ship in a Bottle as a favor to Mace, who needed an artist to take over for Tira-chan at that time. I was willing to do that for him, even though I knew I wouldn’t be paid, because I owed him a favor. I was only working part-time, and I had very few gigs online. So I had that extra time to commit to the project. I figured it would be temporary until Mace could save up enough from donations and whatnot to pay an artist proper, and I thought I’d have a colorist to help bear some of the burden. The bottom fell out of both of those prospects, so it’s just me now.

Since then I’ve got jobs from all over the place demanding a lot of my time. Mace is also working full-time and more, so he isn’t able to help with coloring and stuff. So unless a few miraculous things happen, updates will probably be really slow. But, I will try to buck up and work more quickly. I have a page on the way that is inked, and I just need to colorize it. So it’ll be soon.

All else I can really do is apologize and thank you for your patience.