If you still haven’t joined, please seriously consider it. I’ll be posting up some higher resolution versions of Members Area images over at Frilly Pink for those of you who love Ship in a Bottle, but none of my other works. I am considering how to carry this out with the comic archive as the early ones by Tira-chan are a little inconsistent (and of varying image quality due to how we used to have to do things back in the day). Plus, I need to commission colors for the b/w pages. But I suspect that this week I’ll have all of the commissioned pages such as “The Genie Handbook” and the Prettio-drawn “How to Get Clean/Dirty 2” up in there, plus any missing pinups (but nothing by Tira-Chan as we have an agreement not to use her works on a paysite since the split.) I should also have a few things by Glance at higher rez as well. At least 1000 pixels wide, minimum. To find Frilly Pink, we have a join page in the menu above and a general link at the top left of the left sidebar. So please, check it out. šŸ™‚ (signups also help fund getting the artist for this series so we can update again, so please strongly consider it.)