Ladies and gentlemen, to win at our Indiegogo campaign to get Prettío to draw an episode of BGR, we only need $150 more dollars. Can you believe it? We’re at 77% of goal, and we have a lot of time left. By God, we might even be able to do stretch goals! I’m still working on the script, as I have had a lot on my mind. But remember! By contributing, you may well get a VERY advance look at something that won’t go live on the site until some time after January. Since Episode 7 will begin on July 29, that means we have eps. 7, 8 and 9 to get through. So this is pretty sweet. Plus, for donators, we are giving away a high-resolution digital copy of the completed chapter. It will be considerably larger and clearer than the site version you get for free. The campaign is the widget under our Patreon block on the left. Please help, as we can use the In Demand feature of Indiegogo if we make goal to allow folks previously unable to contribute to donate via PayPal. So you can still help fund future projects if we get there. But only if we are 100% or more.