Make sure to get your last minute remarks in on both the comic and the Chantango. All are eligible for the comment contest which will be decided on Tuesday, Sept. 15 so we can get on top of having the new vote incentive for October 1. that also means that the next round begins on Sept. 16. The decision for top commenter can come from one of several methods, the top two being funniest/most interesting individual post or an aggregate of repeat offenses on the comments section or the Chatango. So keep in mind, if you were thinking “quality over quantity”, on lean months that can work against you. The whole purpose of this is to improve visibility of the series, so the more overall comments we have, the better the search engines like it. Or, so I’ve heard.

Lastly, don’t forget to vote every day from every device with its own IP address! We’re hovering around 120 or so on the TWC leaderboard. I’m estimating a 20-40% increase in visibility if we manage to break into the top 100. We’ve had HUGE success just with being on page 2, so let’s keep pushing and see if we can nudge it just a little bit higher! The difference between 120 and 100 seems to be about 50 votes, but since everyone on the top 100 is landing votes every day, I’m estimating we need 2-3x that number to overtake. I know it’s a lot to ask, but don’t forget that more traffic = more money to us, which means more comics to you. So your efforts will be rewarded before too long.