Ok, so, three big things going on as of this week’s Up Late with Mace podcast (do any of you listen to this? It has a lot of useful information about the comics, and you can literally hear me lose my shit Egoraptor-style over a number of topics from commissioning people to Hentai-Foundry’s complete, utter bullshit “standards” policies…):

First: Kawaii Neko Daigaku has re-launched. But in order to keep going, we have to feed the coffers of our fairly expensive artistic talent. His rates are currently non-negotiable because he is currently in VERY high demand. MagniFire is currently working on his own comic, Sisters of the Dusk (a Patreon supported project as well), and I get updates on his commissions every day or two. So, in order to get him back, we’ve set up an ENTIRELY SEPARATE Patreon campaign. I won’t bore you with the details here. Cruise by the KND webpage via the link concealed behind Miho’s shapely posterior immediately above. $1 per comic is all you need contribute to participate.

Second: Peppermint Saga is BACK! (didn’t you hear?) It’s tentatively updating on Friday. Now… I draw this thing, but I pay a colorist to do the finishing touches. So, while I got a little extra each month to handle this for a bit, I will need your help. That’s why we advanced Peppermint Saga up the list on Patreon to the third tier reward. EVENTUALLY, I will be forced to stop making that comic weekly if we are unable to reach the milestone that funds it. That tier is $600. Keep in mind that our man… well, UncolaMan, specifically, will not be able to extend that level of generosity every month. So if you want to see that comic update continuously, you ALSO need to help us fund THIS one, fully at the $400 tier, because we actually aren’t there yet! (which is why I didn’t RAISE the milestone notification on the sidebar here) We are doing the double weekly updates for ONE MONTH, then if nobody else jumps on, we’re back to once a week.

Third: Fuck Hentai-Foundry. Seriously, fuck that place. I hate it. If it weren’t the only place I could go to read “The Party” by Clumzor and Pantboy, I’d delete my account tomorrow. Every time I submit something there, they find SOME reason to deny the fucking thing. I know I’m not the greatest artist on the face of the Earth, but come on. I have to rate higher than the assholes who make Sonic porn in MS Paint! /rant

Anyway, that’s all I got for this installment. Be sure to tune in to my podcast each week to hear me go fucking bonkers over shit like that. I’m sure you’ll get a laugh. There’s a Flash widget on the sidebar that links to the show page on TalkShoe.