Clara Bottle – Stream Drawing | Mace Paladino on Patreon

Did that on our new livestream on Twitch. I can’t do all of our bits on Twitch, but I will definitely produce some Patreon Exclusives to try and juice that up a bit. As I mentioned last time we spoke (which is almost a year ago…), I need a steady revenue stream NOT my job in order to break off and produce comics, which I’d obviously prefer. So there’s a couple ways we can do that!

!) Join the Patreon! (Links in the Sidebar Graphic ^_^)

2) Help me make Affiliate and beyond on Twitch!

The new channel is home to Up Late with Mace Redux where we will be doing all kinds of crazy, kooky stuff. Kawaii games, crossdressing, VTube Crossplay, LGBTQIA+ friendly streams, interviews with sexworkers and NSFW streamers, and more! And we’ll be pushing the content straight to the edge, folks. But, we do still have to contend with Twitch’s TOS, so please help us get where we need to be, and if we’re all lucky, I can start doing a stream or two on again so I can do all the porny commissions and pages you’ve come to love and expect. I will also be most likely returning as lead artist on some projects, so be sure to like and follow the channel so you can get additional updates. ^3^